Sunday, June 30, 2013

Using Google in Interesting Ways--Learned at ISTE13

One goal at ISTE13 was to learn more about the hidden world of Google -- the scripts, extensions, and apps. I honestly wasn't aware of them until I read Linda Yollis' post after she went to the Google Teacher Academy... which led me to a post by Amy Mayer at friEDTechnology, with her video explanation/tutorial:

After watching the above video, I decided I needed to learn more about what Google offers. At ISTE13, I attended several sessions which added to this quest, including Cool Google Tools for the BYOD Classroom by Tammy Worcester, and Real World Math Lessons with Google Earth by Thomas Petra.

Google tips learned from Tammy Worcester:
  • Locations and Google Forms: In a Google Form, collect a location and some interesting facts, then place the data in batchgeo to create a map with pins noting the interesting facts (which can be embedded in a blog post or web site to share with others). For example, pick a dream vacation spot and share why; research state landmarks; choose the college you want to attend (or attended); etc.
  • Have a Google Form Graded for You: You can download templates with 5, 10, 15, or 20 questions. When the teacher creates the quiz, enter the correct answer at the top of the form and click the score at the bottom. Your quiz can actually be shown from a PowerPoint, Google Presentation, or Keynote, and students mark their responses in the Google Form. 
  • Here are my raw notes from this session with more ideas.

Real World Math Lessons with Google Earth by Thomas Petra:
  • Thomas Petra brings math to life through Google Earth. He has specific concepts, measurement lessons, PBL, and more on his site. Lesson downloads for Google Earth (.kmz) and SketchUp (.skp) are available on his site.
  • Here are my raw notes from this session.

Jon Castelhano and me at the Google booth at #ISTE13
Concluding thoughts

I have so much more to learn about all Google offers. I am starting a new folder in my RSS reader for all my needed Google learning.

  • Who do you recommend I should place in my Google RSS folder for learning?
  • What are your favorite Google scripts, extensions, and apps?
  • What innovative and interesting ways do you use Google products in the classroom?